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The Insanely fast, totally trick, and immaculately well prepared Hench Engineering Works Honda CR80 is right here!

Oh yeah, the Super Mini! 19"/16" front/rear wheels, plus 11"/11.5" of front/rear suspension travel, times screaming horsepower at 11,500 rpm, divided by only 145 lbs, equals tons of fun!

Immaculately well prepared machine as seen in the equally immaculate Hench Engineering manufacturing facility. In the background? Why the immaculately detailed Hench Engineering Windstar van, of course!

Liquid cooled, reed inducted two stroke screamer puts ponies down through a 9-plate wet clutch and 6-speed tranny. It's only 83 cc, (that's a whisker over 5 cubic inches!) but puts out 20 horsepower at 11,500 rpm! Of course, it'll be pushing closer to 30 HP when it gets bored and stroked to 112 cc by Rick Peterson Motorsports! That's actually more than some OPEN class bikes made in the early 70's!

FMF makes the power-enhancing (and looks enhancing) Gold Series Fatty pipe and Turbine Core spark arrestor/silencer.

Fresh Dunlop 756 compound tires and even with all it's power, it'll take some clutch fanning to spin that rear on tacky surfaces.

..And maybe some stoppies with that front disc and fresh Dunlop?

Here you can see the trick FMF "TurbineWhore" spark arrestor/silencer tucked STUFFED between the number plate and rear tire at full compression. The knobs don't touch, but they get warm as they go by.

We'll get some pictures of Hench crashing it up soon, no doubt!

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