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Hillary Booed at McCartney's Twin Towers Relief Concert

Source: NewsMax 10/20/01 Carl Limbacher

New York Senator Hillary Clinton was roundly booed at former Beatle Paul McCartney's Twin Towers relief concert, held at Manhattan's Madison Square Garden Saturday night.

The embarrassing moment came as Sen. Clinton introduced a short video clip from stand-up comic Jerry Seinfeld.

Though the former first lady has tried to capitalize on the Twin Towers tragedy, thrusting herself before one TV camera after another in an effort to connect with average New Yorkers and advance her 2004 presidential ambitions, McCartney's concert showed the effort still needed more work.

One eyewitness to the scene reported to the website that Clinton "was booed so loudly, she had to yell into the mike to be heard."

Another estimated that "90 percent" of the crowd jeered the former first lady.

Her husband, the former president, who was also present, got a much warmer reception.


MIRAMAX'S WEINSTEIN SCREW-UP: PR debacle-Hillary jeered by NYC heroes

Drudge Report 10/21/01

Senator Hillary Clinton's inner circle is furious at MIRAMAX king Harvey Weinstein after the former first lady suffered through a public relations nightmare during Saturday's AMERICA: A TRIBUTE TO HEROES concert in New York City.
Hillary Clinton was jeered and booed by thousands gathered at Madison Square Garden as she took to the stage -- unannounced -- to introduce a movie clip. VH1 cameras captured firemen and police heroes wildly booing Clinton, who attempted to raise her voice above the shouting crowd.

"Get off the stage! We don't want you here!" yelled one New York City police officer just feet from the senator. Anti-Clinton slurs spread and intensified throughout the Garden, with many standing near the stage lobbing profanities.

Event-planner and close Clinton friend Harvey Weinstein was visibly shaken as he heard the crowd erupt with boos and jeers, according to an eyewitness. The junior senator from New York ending up giving the shortest presentation of the evening, clocking in at under 20 seconds.

"How could we not know this would be the wrong forum for Hillary?!" shouted one confidante. "These are cops and firemen who listen to right-wing talkradio. They still think she killed Vince Foster, for Christ sake!"

Other New York politicians received warmer welcomes during the 5-hour concert which featured Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Elton John and others.

Former President Bill Clinton, who took the stage minutes after his wife, worked over scattered boos with talk of the rescuers' heroism. Following the Clintons, James Taylor soothed the heroes with an acoustic FIRE AND RAIN.

The concert raised millions of dollars for September 11 relief efforts.


Clinton Pitched Fit Over Hillary Boos

NewsMax 10/22/01 Carl Limbacher

Ex-president Bill Clinton pitched a fit backstage at Paul McCartney's Twin Tower benefit concert Saturday night after his wife Sen. Hillary Clinton was roundly booed by the audience.

Clinton "was very vocal and pointed backstage in his displeasure about the reception for Hillary," reports New York Daily News gossip columnist Mitchell Fink. He was "not happy," Fink added euphemistically.

The ex-president became "vocal and pointed" after Mrs. Clinton was nearly hooted off the stage by concert-goers who apparently resented her attempt to horn in on an event that was staged to honor firefighters and policemen who had perished in the Twin Tower attack.

"Thank you -- thank you for being here tonight," Mrs. Clinton shouted as she struggled to be heard, before introducing a video by stand-up comic Jerry Seinfeld.

Some in the booing crowd no doubt recalled that at Hillary's nominating convention last year, Clinton-backers spit on five members of an Albany Police honor guard as they marched an American flag into the convention center.

Two months earlier, Mrs. Clinton had branded as "murderers" four New York cops who were later aquitted in the accidental shooting death of Amadou Diallo.

The sour reception mirrors the welcome Mrs. Clinton got from cops and firefighters just two days after the attacks, when she accompanied President Bush to Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.

"The cops and firemen couldn't wait to shake Bush's hand," one eyewitness told exclusively. "But when Hillary came by, everyone just stood there with their arms folded. Nobody wanted to shake her hand. It was embarrassing."

The Daily News mention of Mrs. Clinton's humiliating concert reception was the only mainstream print coverage of the incident.

WABC Radio and nationally syndicated radio host Don Imus, however, did replay clips of the crowd booing Hillary from the original VH1 cablecast.

Hench adds: And Fox News is playing the video clip every hour! This is in the town where she supposedly won by a landslide to keep up with her poor showing upstate. How could she possibly have been elected? Can anyone out there say "Vote Fraud?" I knew you could.

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